Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Orions Systems: Expanding Dynamics 365

Microsoft recently announced the acquisition of Orions Systems. Orions is a pioneer in large-scale hybrid intelligent vision systems, focusing on integrating “human-in-the-loop” machine learning into services to accommodate operational deployments in a single device, large-scale edge-to-cloud topology.

Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Orions Systems: Expanding Dynamics 365

In the acquisition of Orions Systems, microsoft customers will:

For organizations seeking to collect and analyze high-value data, Orions Systems has built a reputation and leading technology, especially in the area of video and image content. The acquisition will bring additional technology that enables solutions such as Dynamics 365 Connected Store and Microsoft Power Platform to provide retailers and other organizations with a way to build and train their own AI models to customize and optimize their learning capabilities. This additional set of tools will provide a truly unique dimension and need to adapt its physical space beyond the out-of-the-box scenarios offered today.

About Orions Systems:

Founded by Nils Lahr, Orions Systems was a pioneer in the digital media industry that helped CNN create the world’s first digital studio, launch the first live Olympic streaming, and invent the world’s first video content distribution network (CDN). Nils is the co-founder of Microsoft’s Windows Media division and the author of Smooth Media Technologies, which enables Netflix, Amazon and others to provide streaming services to customers.