MediaTek Tianyi 600 Series Exposure: 5G Mobile Phone 100 Yuan Era Comes

Entering the 5G era, the early downturn of MediaTek launched the Tianyi series successfully turned over, has launched the Dimensity 1000 series, 800 series and other high school end 5G SoC. This afternoon, according to domestic media reports, MediaTek is expected to launch this quarter Tianyu 600 series of chips, positioning the mid-range, but the price is not clear, from the name point of view, should be lower than the Price of the Tianyi 800 series.

MediaTek Tianyi 600 Series Exposure: 5G Mobile Phone 100 Yuan Era Comes

Previously, the blogger s digital chat station burst, based on MediaTek MT6853 platform of the 100 yuan 5G new machine has opened a case, it is said that the chip is in the Tianyi 800 (MT6873) on the basis of another cut (rumours, credibility doubt), corresponding to or Tianyi 600 series of chips?

The report also pointed out that MediaTek has received a large number of orders for the Tianyi 600 series, a number of customers said they will be in the second half of the release of the chip-carrying 5G terminal, is expected to become MediaTek’s fourth quarter 5G chip shipments.

In addition to MediaTek, Qualcomm is also actively preparing, such as the SnapDragon 690, released last month, a mid-range 5G SoC that supports 5G networks, built on an 8nm process, supports SA/NSA networking and sub-6Ghz, and commercial terminals are expected to be available in the second half of this year.

If the message of the Tianyi 600 series is confirmed, it means that the cost price of the 5G terminal will sink further, this year we will see the starting price of 100 yuan from the new 5G machine.