New Tesla Model S Rendering Exposure: Styling More Aggressive

The Model S is a medium- and large-scale all-electric sedan owned by Tesla, with domestic importprices of 75.69 yuan and 85.69 million yuan. The price tag of up to $750,000 makes the Tesla Model S a veritable luxury car. Recently,media have drawn a new generation of Tesla Model S model rendering map, the new car since the 2014 launch, has been a change, inevitably will cause consumer visual fatigue.

However, according to Tesla’s minimalist design style, the new model in the design did not move much attention, the overall and the current model is consistent, but the body of the line is more aggressive, the car is more aggressive.

In addition, the new car is equipped with eye-catching red brake calipers, while the front face has a larger air intake grille and a more distinctive sporty style.

New Tesla Model S Rendering Exposure: Styling More Aggressive

Above is the new model under the cash

Power section, brand new models and give too much information. Reference to the current Model S, its maximum power is 577kW, the peak torque has exceeded 800N?m, 100 km acceleration of only 2.6 seconds. Long-range version of the model, NEDC maximum range of 660 km.

As early as last year, Tesla’s Model S was revamped with improved range, adaptive air suspension and charging speed.

However, Tesla is more focused on software-level improvements, and doesn’t pay as much attention to the look and hardware of vehicles as traditional automakers do. Moreover, Tesla’s upgrade method relies heavily on push OTAs for system updates.

So, on the other hand, Tesla’s monthly OTA upgrade is actually a small upgrade to the vehicle.

For now, Tesla hasn’t said what the Model S will change, but amid persistent speculation that the new Model S may be coming.

New Tesla Model S Rendering Exposure: Styling More Aggressive