TikTok to launch Apple Music competition next month: cheaper

In an interview with The New York Times, Alex Zhu, head of video app TikTok, told the story of TikTok’s origins, including a train trip and a moment of epiphany, according tomedia. Back in 2014, Alex and his partner founded Musical.ly.

TikTok to launch Apple Music competition next month: cheaper

At the time, Alex was on a train from San Francisco to Mountain View, California, when he began to notice the teenagers around the train. They took selfies while listening to music on their mobile phones, and then passed them among them. That’s why he wanted to do these things through a versatile application. And last year, Music.ly service was incorporated into TikTok last year. This is something to be recalled, because it is clear that TikTok has established the next major chapter of the service based on an observation of the similarity of the world around them. Young people, in particular, spend the most time on their phones: streaming music.

TikTok’s Chinese parent company, Byte Beats, is reportedly in talks with the big three record labels to pave the way for another subscription-based music streaming service. The service could be available as early as sometime in December, according to negotiations with Universal, Sony and Warner Music.

The news comes as a report in the Financial Times said the plan appeared to be rolled out first in markets such as Indonesia, Brazil and India.

Interestingly, the current rumor about the service is that it will be priced lower than Apple Music and Spotify. The TikTok app is reported to have been downloaded nearly 80 million times in the U.S., laying a solid foundation for the service to enter the U.S. market — not to mention the service’s global reach of about 1 billion users.

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