Apple’s invitation to the media: a special event on December 2nd

On the morning of November 19, Apple sent an invitation to the media today to attend a media event in New York at 4 p.m. local time on December 2. From the invitation, this is an app and developer event. According to the media invitation, Apple will recognize its “most popular apps and games of 2019.” What does that mean? We have no definitive message at this time.

Apple's invitation to the media: a special event on December 2nd

Apple’s invitation to the event tomedia

In previous years, Apple would release its most popular games and apps of the year in early December, but it had not hosted similar offline events. So it sounds like they might be hosting an offline awards show this year.

In fact, Apple has been enriching “Best of the Year” content over the years, from the original best games and apps to games, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and more, and last year’s “Best of the Year”, focusing on content that can influence global entertainment and culture.

This has something to do with Apple’s efforts to promote its content service for nearly two years, and in March, their spring launch did not launch any hardware, but rather content such as Apple TV Plus, Arcade online games.

In addition, the Mac Pro workstation and Pro Display XDR high-performance display, which were exited at the WWDC conference in June, are likely to go on sale along with the event. As content producers and app developers, it makes sense if they go live at this time.

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