Samsung follows Apple’s lead in some smartphone packages without chargers

You may feel a good feeling to buy a phone to get a charger. However, if you’re going to buy a Samsung-branded phone in the near future, you’re probably not going to experience that luxury again. The company will reportedly remove the charger from its packaging, which it is said to be following in the footsteps of Apple, which plans to remove the included charger from its iPhone 12 series packaging.

A report from ETNews said Samsung may not bundle chargers with some smartphone models. Unfortunately, there’s no specific device in the report, but if you’re going to upgrade your phone next year, be prepared to pay more for a high-quality charger.

The advantage is that Samsung could lower the price of its smartphones, which start at $999 when it goes on sale, a good idea to cut some of the costs. In addition to removing the charger on the iPhone 12’s packaging, Apple is said to be moving away from wired EarPods to boost AirPod sales, according to multiple reports.

However, this year’s iPhone 12 has also been announced as a 4G version that starts at $549, and assuming the rumors are true, the price is competitive, so Samsung could use the same business practice to lower the starting price of the phone. But then again, there are some customers who are not used to buying third-party chargers, so it’s likely that Samsung will sell charger accessories separately and make money from them later.

Samsung follows Apple's lead in some smartphone packages without chargers