Microsoft Surface Book 3 users report humming problems with headphone jack

There have been reports of problems with the headphone jack on some Surface Book 3 users’ devices after a screen cracking problem on the Surface Laptop 3. There are many reports on this issue on the Internet. In a post posted on Microsoft’s official forum, users reported hearing a buzz in a wired headset plugged into the Surface Book 3 3.5mm jack.

It seems that when users of the Surface Book 3 use the headphone jack of this high-end flagship device, they will be buzzing or ringing, regardless of the volume or content. It is reported that when the user plays music, a buzz or noise can be heard, and the hum will stop after one minute. When the user pauses or resumes the track, the hum or noise starts again.

One user said he had bought four Surface Book 3 (13.5-inch), Core i7, 16GB, and 256 SSD models. In addition to the first with a slight screen problem, the other three have headphone jacks buzzing. I’m sure this is a hardware manufacturing issue. It’s really disappointing when comparing prices and quality.

Microsoft Community Moderator has responded to a user on its own forum, but the company has yet to release any explanation or resolution to resolve the issue. As previously reported, he also had very similar problems. After contacting Microsoft’s support department, Microsoft replaced a new device for him. Unfortunately, the new equipment is once again affected by the buzz. Some users also reported that their Surface Book 3 speakers crackled when Dolby Panorama was enabled.

It’s worth noting that the extent of the problem seems to vary from person to person, but many users complain that the obvious buzz can be heard while playing audio. At the time of writing, it is not clear what the specific cause of the problem is and whether it can be resolved with a firmware update.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 users report humming problems with headphone jack