Google Chrome crashes Status_Access_Violation error

Chrome has reportedly crashed with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION errors for some people, with the latest Chrome Canary also affected. Google is aware of the stability and canary problems. Google previously enabled the “Renderer Code Integrity” security feature in the Chrome browser on Windows 10. The company later disabled the feature and re-enabled it after a while.

Users on the Chrome Help Forum reported that Chrome often crashes and experiences STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (access status violations) errors. The user checked a lot of things to try to solve the problem, but it didn’t work. The end user removes the chrome browser altogether and reinstalls it, but the problem persists. Users can still use chrome, but whenever they use it, it crashes and users have to refresh the page 10-20 times to start working again.

Both posts have a “recommended answer” from a platinum product expert, according to the Chrome team recently at “Aw, Snap!” These new sub-error codes have been added to the error page to better diagnose the cause of the crash in Chrome. If you see these errors, the best way is to go into “Aw, Snap!” Help the article, which should solve most of these problems. Contrary to the recommended answer, in AW_Snap! There is no STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (access status violation) error under “Page load error code and problem” for the help page.

The latest Chrome Canray v86.0.4195.0 is also affected and completely unavailable. Whenever you try to open a new tab or check for updates in the help menu, it crashes and displays “Aw snap” and “Can’t open this page” with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (access status violation) errors.

The Chromium team is aware of Canary’s problem and hopes it will fix it as soon as possible. You’ll probably get a can-use Canary in the next update. It’s worth noting that Google hasn’t found a fix for Chrome issues on Windows 10 2004.

Google Chrome crashes Status_Access_Violation error