The “Sims” reality show Spark’d will open on the 17th of this month.

According tomedia reports, the once-popular computer game “Sims” will enter television on July 17, when TBS tv will broadcast a reality TV show called “Spark’d.” In this four-episode program, 12 contestants will play the game of life simulation, complete timed challenges and present creative characters to the celebrity judging panel in a unique, coherent “Sims” story. The final winner will win $100,000.

Spark’d looks a bit like a mix of YouTube’s Lets Play video and classic reality TV games such as Top Chef, according tomedia outlet cnet. The show also features Spark’d Challenge, in which other creators also have the opportunity to star in the show for the next few seasons.

The e-League-hosted show will air on TBS on July 17 at 11p PM EST. The broadcast will be on Friday nights and will be re-broadcast on Saturday at 8 a.m. Viewers can also watch Spark’d online next Monday on the Buzzfeed Multiplayer YouTube MultiPlayer MultiPlayer multiplayer channel.

Sims celebrated its 20th birthday in February and looks no sign of slowing down. With the release of the film, dozens of challenges, more realistic game modes, and classic cheat codes, it’s hard to imagine players getting bored.

“That’s why this show is so exciting,” Lyndsay Pearson, executive producer of the Sims series, said at a launch Wednesday. “

Sims, which prides itself on diversity and inclusion, also staged a virtual parade on Twitch during the outbreak, which ran until June.