Apple releases behind-the-scenes video of Greyhound: Starring Tom Hanks

Apple today (July 8 local time) released behind-the-scenes previews of the World War II-themed film Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks and due to premiere on Apple TV Plus,media reported. In the video, Tom Hanks serves as a commentary that gives fans some context for the Battle of the Atlantic.

Apple releases behind-the-scenes video of Greyhound: Starring Tom Hanks

The Greyhound is played by Tom Hanks as Naval Commander George Krause, who was assigned to command the destroyer Greyhound during the Atlantic Battle. Krause is responsible for leading an Allied fleet against German U-boats and, in the process, fighting his own self-doubt and inner demons to prove his right to be commander.

It is reported that the script was written by Tom Hanks, the film was originally intended to be released in cinemas, but because most u.S. theaters are still closed, the film was not admitted to the hospital. In the end, Apple paid $70 million for the film’s premiere.

Greyhound is Tom Hanks’ first direct streaming film, which Hanks called heartbreaking in an interview earlier this week. “I don’t want my Apple boss to be angry, but the quality of the picture and the sound is different from that of the (cinema). “

Apple plans to release Greyhound on Friday, July 10. On this day, Apple will also launch the TV series Little Voice and the sports short film “Greatness Code.”