U.S. Republicans complain again on Twitter: Limiting Trump and Conservatives

BEIJING, July 9 (Xinhua) — Two U.S. Republican lawmakers on Wednesday accused Twitter of bias against conservatives and asked for information on how to handle two Twitter messages from U.S. President Donald Trump,media reported. In an email to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and James Sensenbrenner said Twitter’s content review mechanism is not neutral enough to target conservative content.

U.S. Republicans complain again on Twitter: Limiting Trump and Conservatives

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“Twitter should be wary of discrimination against conservative voices,” the email said. Twitter’s systematic treatment of different political speeches has raised concerns. At the same time, Twitter is not enforcing the terms of service uniformly and is deceiving its users. “

In late May, Twitter’s decision to “fact-check” Mr. Trump’s announcement was particularly critical of the two lawmakers. At the time, Mr. Trump said in a message that mailing ballots could lead to election fraud. Twitter said in a statement at the time that the “fact-checking” label for the two messages was “likely to confuse voters.”

Mr. Trump has also previously said on Twitter that “serious force” would be used to stop protesters from establishing autonomous areas in Washington, D.C. Twitter said the message violated its policy on abusive behavior, but did not remove it. The two lawmakers also objected to Twitter’s decision.

The two lawmakers also accused a Twitter executive of using insulting language to talk about the president and a White House official.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed that the company had received the email but declined to comment further.

Two lawmakers asked Twitter to provide information on content review decisions that have affected Americans over the past year, as well as documents and communications about how to handle Trump’s announcements.

Jordan is the Republican leader on the House Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Brenner is the Republican leader on the House Antitrust Committee.