Microsoft’s new proposal: Fixing Chrome’s notification reliability issues on Windows 10

In 2018, Microsoft will abandon its own browser engine, EdgeHTML, in favor of a more open Chromium. The rapid development of the new Edge browser comes as Microsoft has increased its contribution to the Chromium community, constantly improving and enriching features and features.

In the Windows 10 May 2020 (20H1/Version 2004) feature update, Microsoft enabled WinRT’s toast shutdown events for Win32 apps such as Chrome and Edge. In some cases, when multiple notifications are received in the Action Center for Windows 10, user feedback Chrome cannot open the specified URL address of the toast notification (pop-up notification, which disappears after a while).

For example, when you receive multiple notifications in Action Center, or receive a notification from Chrome toast, Chrome can’t open the URL link within the notification if the user clicks a notification link that is not up-to-date.

Microsoft's new proposal: Fixing Chrome's notification reliability issues on Windows 10

Microsoft is improving chrome’s integration with Windows 10 Action Center. In a June 25 submission to the Chromium platform, Microsoft noted that when the notification enters action center, the notification remains in the browser, which should resolve the reliability issue.

For older versions of Windows 10, Microsoft plans to check chromium’s web notification status periodically to detect when notifications are closed. “NotificationPlatformBridgeWin will store the expected displayed notifications locally in memory,” the company said. The notification synchronization task will dispatch the shutdown event for the notification that no longer appears. The synchronization task runs every 10 minutes. “