Bill Gates: China’s experience provides inspiration for the world to meet challenges

Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that China has made remarkable achievements in promoting health equity and reducing poverty, and its model and experience can provide inspiration for other developing countries. Gates will visit China from the 20th to the 21st of this month to attend the 10th anniversary of the China National Health And Health Council’s cooperation with the Gates Foundation on tuberculosis prevention and treatment, and discuss with relevant officials the progress of the project and the future direction of development.

Xinhua News Agency, Seattle, Usa, November 18, interview: China’s experience for the world to address health and development challenges to provide inspiration – Visit to the Gates Foundation Co-Chair Bill Gates

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Xingtang Zhang Chunxiao Qin Lang

Bill Gates: China's experience provides inspiration for the world to meet challenges

In an interview ahead of his trip, he praised China’s efforts to lift other developing countries out of poverty and improve health, and looked forward to China’s greater role in global health and development.

China’s experience is worth learning from

Gates visited China for the first time in the 1980s, and more than 30 years have seen him visit China many times, witnessing dramatic changes in China and a changing role in global governance.

“China’s success in many areas is impressive, not only in terms of improved agricultural productivity and national health, a strong education system and some of the world’s best universities, but also in its continuous contribution to innovation. Some countries with relatively lagging development can learn from China’s experience to speed up their own development. Gates said.

“Looking back in 1980, China’s participation in international affairs was not as high, and other countries were not so concerned about China,” Gates said. China is also involved in the work of United Nations agencies and plays an active role. “

Gates praised China for sharing its experience slack. He said China is committed to using its strengths and experience to help other countries, especially African countries, lift themselves out of poverty. “The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation is an example of China’s important role in international cooperation today. “

He said the Gates Foundation expects China to play a leading role in global health governance and a stronger partner in global development. To this end, the Foundation has worked with the Chinese government, the private sector and research institutes on a number of projects, including accelerating the access of high-quality, low-cost antimalarial products made in China to the global market, assisting China in sharing its malaria prevention and control experience with malaria-prone regions, and supporting cooperation between China and African countries in agricultural research innovation and industrial chain upgrading.

Ten years of cooperation with fruitful results

The Gates Foundation established its Beijing office in 2007 and launched its first project in China in 2008. Over the past decade or so, the Foundation has expanded its cooperation with China, including poverty alleviation, tuberculosis and AIDS prevention, tobacco control, agricultural development in Africa and the elimination of malaria.

Gates said the foundation’s partnership with China is in its second decade and it will continue to work to help China address health and development challenges while supporting China in sharing its achievements and experiences with the world.

In 2009, the Gates Foundation, in collaboration with the National Health And Health Council of China, launched the TUBERculosis prevention and control project, which has achieved encouraging results over the past decade in the regions covered by the project. With new technologies, new drugs and new systems, the time to diagnose MDR-TB has been reduced from two months to two hours, the daily dose of TB patients has been reduced from 13 to three tablets, and the new comprehensive TB treatment model has led to an increase in the rate of treatment of patients and a significant reduction in the cost of individual care.

Gates said the next step will be to work with Chinese research institutions to focus on developing new drugs and vaccines that will benefit not only TB patients in China, but also “the most needy people in the world.”

Improving health and eradicating poverty is the focus of the Gates Foundation’s cooperation with China. It is understood that the Foundation supports China’s goal of eradicating absolute poverty by 2020 through model innovation in areas such as primary health care systems and child nutrition.

“China has set admirable poverty reduction targets. We are now also involved in Poverty Eradication in China, where we have carried out a series of projects and are making good progress. Gates said.

Countries work together to meet challenges

During his visit to China, Gates will also attend the 2019 Innovation Economic Forum in Beijing to discuss with politicians, businesses and others from around the world how to further strengthen cooperation on major issues such as global governance and climate change.

“Climate change is a big problem. The biggest victims of climate change are the poorest groups, and they are not the causes of the problem. Gates said. In his view, the key to addressing climate change lies in the participation and cooperation of countries. Without the Us and China setting an example in reducing emissions and reducing the cost of reducing emissions through innovation, the goal of controlling global temperature rise will not be achieved.

Gates said China has shown a strong determination to play a leading role on climate change, not only to reduce its own emissions, but also to help other countries reduce emissions by developing new ways to reduce emissions.

Gates expressed deep concern about the Formal Launch of the Paris Agreement earlier this month. “We do need the U.S. to get involved and work with China to get all the countries involved.” This is the only way we can achieve our global zero-emissions target. Gates said.

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