Death toll exceeds Ebola, more than half a million new cases of pneumonia in Africa

On July 9, the World Health Organization said there were now more than half a million cases of new crown virus infection in Africa, and the death toll from the Ebola outbreak was higher,media reported. So far, the World Health Organization says, the virus has killed 1,159 people in Africa in less than five months, more than the 11,308 killed in the West African country’s worst Ebola outbreak in 2014-16.

Death toll exceeds Ebola, more than half a million new cases of pneumonia in Africa

In the past month, the number of cases in 22 countries in Africa has more than doubled, and the virus is spreading in nearly two-thirds of the country. Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa account for about 71 per cent of all infections in the region, while South Africa alone accounts for 43 per cent of all cases.

However, the growth trend across the continent is not uniform, and the continued growth of cases in some countries indicates that the pandemic is continuing. Eritrea, the Gambia, Mali, Seychelles and Togo are experiencing long multiplier times and low growth rates.

There have been no cases in the Seychelles in the last two months, but in the past week there have been dozens of new imported cases related to the crew of international fishing vessels. The downward trend in cases in 10 countries has also shown positive signs over the past month. Egypt accounts for 15 per cent of Africa’s total cumulative cases, but the number of infections in the country has fallen in the past week.

According to the organization, 88 per cent of new-level infections in Africa are those aged 60 and under, possibly due to the relatively young population of Africa. However, the likelihood of dying from a new crown increases with age and underlying disease, and patients aged 60 and over are 10 times more likely to die than those under 60.