Google abandons ‘Isolated Region’ plan to offer cloud services in sensitive countries

Bloomberg, citing anonymous employees, said Google had abandoned plans to offer cloud services in politically sensitive countries. The program, known as the “Isolated Region,” was shut down by the search giant in May due to geopolitical tensions and outbreaks. Employees familiar with the program say Isolated Region allows Google to set up cloud services controlled by third parties, which can be local companies or government agencies.

It will be business-isolated from Google’s existing cloud computing services. In January 2019, Google suspended its Isolated Region program in China due to growing tensions between China and the United States, instead prioritizing cloud services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In response to the report, Google said it was not considering the option of providing a cloud platform in China and that the project was closed not because of tensions or an outbreak.

Google abandons 'Isolated Region' plan to offer cloud services in sensitive countries

A Google spokesman said Isolated Region was just one of the paths the company has explored to address the requirements associated with adopting cloud technology, with the aim of providing cloud services to customers and regulators around the world.