Google’s Stadia Media Review Summary: The streaming of games is not yet officially around

Google’s Stadia is scheduled to go live at 12 p.m. EST on November 19. Near the launch, Google added ten more games to Stadia yesterday, turning Stadia’s debut into 22. Pre-ordered $129 Sstadia Founders Edition players will receive a ChromeCast Ultra (for 4K-HDR streaming), a limited edition late-night blue handle and a 3-month Stadia Pro service for two people.

Google's Stadia Media Review Summary: The streaming of games is not yet officially around

Previously, Stadia officials have confirmed the launch, the PC side does not support 4K resolution streaming, does not support HDR, these two to be slowly added after the launch. Only ChromeCast Ultra supports 4K streaming and HDR when it first starts.

At present, the media evaluation of Stadia has been released, the following is a summary of the evaluation and scoring ofmedia. The problem of response is still quite large, including the requirements of the network is very high, the first content is too little, many functions are not perfect, need to be good in 2020.

Wired: 6/10

The Guardian: 3/5

IGN: If your network has supplier data restrictions, you may want to avoid Stadia

The Verge: There’s no reason why anyone should buy Staida right now

Canadian Financial Post: If you expect the Stadia experience to be as high-resolution as you would be on a high-end gaming PC or enhanced console, with the same high-resolution picture and compactness, instantaneous operation, you’re destined to be at least a little disappointed

PC World: A glimpse of the future may make other companies more perfect

GameSpt: Too Little, Too Early

VentureBeat: One of The Main problems with Stadia is that you and I can’t guarantee the same experience

GamesRadar: If your environment and your network are good, Then Stadia feels like a potential path to the future of the industry, and the game streaming feels magical.

Ars Technica: Google’s game streaming is too limited and unreliable, and the benefits are too small

Yahoo Finance: At this point, I pause to pick up a Stadia kit because there are so many features to be completed in early 2020

Screenrant: Google’s Stadia works well in perfect test conditions, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth buying in the first place

CNET: The streaming of games is not yet in the future

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