Foreign media said India’s Redsiwe generic signed a bottle of about 372 yuan

Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical company, has developed a multi-country-approved generic drug for the treatment of new crown pneumonia, which costs 4,000 rupees (about 372 yuan), which could be the lowest price for a generic drug. Reuters reported on the 9th, citing sources, that Sipula has set the price of the Redsewe imitation cipremi, 4,000 rupees per bottle (100 mg).

Media said India's Redsiwe generic signed a bottle of about 372 yuan

Cipremi is currently pricing the lowest of the Redsiweride generics, the report said. Covifor, a reedsivir generic by Hetero, another Indian company, has a unit price of Rs 5,400, while Desrem, a US pharmaceutical company, has a unit price of Rs 4,800.

Redsiweist is priced at 5,400 rupees in India, but the drug could soar several times on the black market because of a shortage of supply, the BBC reported Wednesday.

At the same time, Redsewey is priced at $390 ($2,727) per bottle for government buyers in developed countries.

India’s Drug Administration (DCGI) approved two Redsivir genericdrugs developed by Sipra and Heidlon in June to treat patients in hospital who are suspected or diagnosed with new crown pneumonia and are in serious condition, India’s Business Today reported on June 21.

Cipremi is about to be put into service, Reuters reported. Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, which produces and packages the drug for Sipula, said wednesday that it has completed the distribution of the first batch of Cipremi.

Nikhil Chopra, chief executive and executive vice president of Sipra India, said in an e-mailed statement that the company will begin supplying Cipremi to government and hospital commercials starting July 8 and expects to supply more than 80,000 bottles within a month. Meanwhile, an employee of Sipula, who declined to be named, told Reuters that the company would distribute Cipremi to retailers starting September.

Reuters analysis said that as Redsivir is the only major drug approved for use in the new crown pneumonia to date, more major Indian pharmaceutical companies are expected to launch Reedsivir generics as the new crown outbreak continues to spread in India.

Previously, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions have approved Redsewe to treat the treatment of new coronary pneumonia patients.