Paleontologists discover dinosaur feathers

According tomedia reports, it is believed that in most people’s knowledge of the dinosaur is a reptile characteristics of the large lizard, that is, the dinosaur’s skin is very smooth. Perhaps most dinosaurs did, but a recent study found that some of them had very different characteristics, with feathers.

Paleontologists discover dinosaur feathers

A recent study published in Gondwana Research suggests that paleontologists have confirmed from fossils more than a century ago that their owner had been feathered and had lived in Antarctica. The study suggests that dinosaurs may have used feathers to ward off cold weather in extreme weather.

The fossils are believed to have been found in Australia and were unearthed in sediments that were once a lake. Studies show that when these dinosaurs died, they died in cold conditions.

It has long been thought that the development of feathers may have allowed some dinosaurs to withstand certain environmental conditions. However, feathered dinosaur fossils are rare in the southern hemisphere. Due to the lack of evidence, it is difficult to prove that the Antarctic dinosaurs evolved feathers to ward off the cold.

But the feathers found in the fossils are not the same as what people see in modern birds. Scientists think they are primitive feathers — they are somewhere between hair and feathers. It will be interesting to see whether researchers can map more clearly in the future when and where dinosaur feathers unfold.

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