Hearing may be the last perception of human death, the study found.

A new study published in Scientific Reports by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada suggests that some people can still hear voices even in the last moments of life even when they are unresponsive. It is generally accepted that hearing is the last perception in the course of death, but there is no evidence. The brain will continue to function when the human heart stops beating, according to a shocking study in the United States. In other words, the human brain realizes the fact that it is dead. So will people hear a sound?

Hearing may be the last perception of human death, the study found.

The researchers invited 13 families to participate in the study, which was divided into a healthy control group, a sober group of dying patients, and a group of unresponsive dying patients, using electroencephalograms (EEGs) to record their electrical activity in the brain after hearing sound.

Elizabeth Blundon said: “Many people go into a non-reactive period in the final hours before going to natural death, but our data show that in the last few hours of life, the dying brain can respond to sound even unconsciously. “

EEG analysis showed that some dying patients had very similar reactions to the health control group when they heard the sound, even in the hours before they died. And this may help family and friends to comfort their relatives and friends in the final moments of their lives.

The researchers note that while the EEG data support the idea that a dying person can hear a voice, it does not yet reflect whether the patient is consciously listening to them, because it is not clear whether the patient is remembering, recognizing or analyzing the sound.