Is it safe to stay at a hotel during the new crown?

In the past few weeks, many states across the country have reopened after months of tight blockades,media BGR reported. Hotels across the United States have issued new safety and cleaning protocols in the wake of the New Crown outbreak. However, experts point out that staying at a hotel during the New Crown virus pandemic is likely to be not worth the risk and should be avoided as much as possible.

Is it safe to stay at a hotel during the new crown?

“As in any public place, there is a risk of transmission in hotels,” Andria Rusk, Ph.D., Behavioral Sciences and Infectious Diseases, recently told PopSugar. “This risk comes from interaction with or with infected persons with vectors that may carry infected objects or surfaces. Risks in the hotel environment may come from interaction with hotel staff (e.g. front desk staff or room service personnel) or with other hotel guests. “

In view of this, if people tend to stay in hotels in the near future, you’d better limit your time to crowded areas such as fitness centers. People should also avoid direct contact with surfaces such as elevator buttons and door handles as much as possible.

Some U.S. hotel chains are now promoting their new cleaning protocol to ensure that visitors can stay overnight without fear of contracting the coronavirus.

For example, Hilton’s recent press release is as follows:

Hilton Clean and Lysol Protection has developed a global plan to introduce new standards for hotel cleaning and disinfection to ensure cleaner and safer accommodation for Hilton guests. The project was developed in collaboration with experts from RB, the manufacturer of Comershar and Dettol, both brands that are trustworthy in safely disinfecting surfaces. In addition, experts from the Mayo Clinic’s infection prevention and control team will advise and assist Hilton on the cleaning protocol.

Hilton CleanStay is based on hilton’s already high standards of housekeeping and hygiene, and currently uses hospital-grade cleaning products and upgrade agreements. The project will use cleaning products, solutions and training that Rachael can trust in North America. LeBex and Hilton are also exploring opportunities to expand the program into global collaborations. The plan will include:

Hilton CleanStay room imprint, indicating that the room has not been accessed after cleaning;

Extra disinfection of the ten high-contact areas in the room, including light switches, door handles, etc.

Increase the frequency of cleaning in public areas;

Disinfection of wet wipes at entrances and crowded areas;

Strengthen the cleaning work of the fitness center;

Reduce paper-based facilities in the room (e.g. notes and guest lists);

Strengthen the cleaning and other changes in buffet, in-room dining and meeting spaces;

Industry-leading digital key contactless registration and check-out service, used in more than 4,700 hotels worldwide;

Evaluate new technologies, such as electrostatic sprayers, and disinfect surfaces and objects with sterilizing fog and ultraviolet light;

Enhance the safety and well-being of team members through personal protective equipment and enhanced training and procedures.

Is it safe to stay at a hotel during the new crown?