Ready: NASA’s Perseverance has been strapped to an Atlas V rocket

NASA’s Perseverance, the star of the Mars 2020 mission, has experienced worrying setbacks in recent weeks,media reported. It is understood that the launch mission has been delayed three times, NASA each time the mission launch date delayed by a few days. Still, it plans to begin its mission next month. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has revealed in a new blog post that the Stowe marsatie has been strapped to the top of the Atlas V rocket, which will be responsible for sending the former to Mars.

Ready: NASA's Perseverance has been strapped to an Atlas V rocket

As you can imagine, even in the best of circumstances, it is already very difficult to prepare for an interstellar mission. And now that the world is fighting an epidemic that has never been seen before, doing it in this situation is quite another matter. Still, NASA seems to have succeeded. With the launch window extended, NASA could begin the mission on August 15 at the latest, and as things stand, the chances of NASA fulfilling its Mars 2020 promise sit on the road seem high.

“I witnessed the spacecraft being launched into a rocket,” John McNamee, the mission’s project manager and a member of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a statement. But this is very special, because so many people have contributed to this moment. I want to say to each of them that we are here together and that we will be on Mars in the same way. “

Mars 2020 is scheduled to launch on July 17. The plan was later postponed until 30 July due to problems with ground equipment and other hardware. It was postponed again. But whenever launched, it will arrive on the red planet on February 18, 2021.