More clues after Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries lead FBI to reopen murder investigation

According tomedia BGR, there have been a number of credible unsolved leads since the reboot of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries. The FBI recently reopened its investigation into the mysterious murder of Alonzo Brooks in 2004, thanks to clues from viewers. The Unsolved Mystery has helped the authorities resolve more than 260 cases over the years.

More clues after Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries lead FBI to reopen murder investigation

In recent years, Netflix has successfully rebooted a number of hit TV shows, such as Arrested Development, Mystery Science Theater and Fuller House. Netflix recently brought back “The Unsolved Mystery,” a mysterious documentary with a creepy, iconic theme song that premiered on NBC in the 1980s. Although Unsolved Mysteries has been broadcast across networks over the years, the show’s basic thrust has never changed: an emphasis on eerie supernatural encounters and unresolved crimes, from kidnapping stoltows to armed robberies to murder.

The reboot of “Unsolved” premiered on Netflix on July 1, and we’ve seen reports that the show has provided authorities with many reliable clues about different cases. Executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer told USA Today that within hours of the show’s premiere, there were plenty of clues that began to pour in.

Since netflix debut, “we’ve got a lot of leads,” Meurer told USA Today on Thursday. When they look credible, “we pass them on to the relevant authorities.” It’s only 24 hours. We hope a lot of people haven’t seen it yet, and maybe they’ll sit down this weekend and go crazy and we’ll get more clues. “

One episode of the unsolved reboot focuses on the death of 23-year-old Alonzo Brooks. Brooks disappeared in April 2004 after attending a party in Kansas. His body was found in a creek a few weeks later. Many details and circumstances surrounding Brooks’ disappearance and death are strange. And now, “The Unsolved Mystery” brings the truth of the case back to light, and clues begin to emerge. As a result, the FBI recently reopened its investigation into Brooks’ murder.

As clues continue to pour in, Meurer thinks the Brooks case may be the first in a new series that the show has helped solve. Overall, The Unsolved Mystery has reportedly helped solve 260 cases over the years.