U.S. court rejects Uniloc’s request for sealing documents in patent case with Apple

The U.S. Federal Circuit court denied a request by Uniloc, a patent hooligan, to narrow the confidentiality of information or edit its request in an infringement dispute with Apple,media reported. Uniloc is a non-practising entity that is known for patent infringement allegations against companies such as Apple and Google. Thursday’s court ruling concerned three applications filed by Uniloc in the Northern District of California, which seeks to seal materials related to Apple’s ongoing patent dispute.

U.S. court rejects Uniloc's request for sealing documents in patent case with Apple


Uniloc noted in the filing that because it contains sensitive information and trade secrets, this poses a significant risk to its company that it could be seriously harmed. But the court of first instance rejected Uniloc’s motion in response to a request from the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), saying Uniloc had failed to provide a compelling case for justifying its claims.

Uniloc appealed the decision, and the EFF itself subsequently intervened in the Federal Circuit Court to support the court of first instance’s decision.

According to eff, excessive and unreasonable sealing of documents would leave the parties unaware of whether Uniloc actually owns the relevant patents.