Japan stuns ‘Godzilla’ clouds as monsters line up

Recently, the special cloud in Japan’s Tsui Strait has caused a heated discussion among netizens because it looks like the walking monster Godzilla. According tomedia reports, recently, a Japanese photographer in the Jin-light Strait captured the shape of “Godzilla” clouds, causing a heated debate. The photo looks like a row of Godzilla monsters walking in line, with netizens exclaiming “the picture is like the end of the world” and “brings a sense of despair.”

In response, local weatherman Iwatani explained that this is a natural phenomenon called “Kelvin-Helmholtz instability.”

“When cold air meets air of different natures, such as warm, moist and dry, they form rolling wave-shaped clouds at their junctions, creating a godzilla-like scene,” Says Iwagu.

Although this phenomenon is rare, it can occasionally be seen in Tokyo and some other areas. According to Japanese media reports, there have been many types of cloud in Japan.

Japan stuns 'Godzilla' clouds as monsters line up