“Fujiang” U.S. drama version of the heroine of the official Xuan Dehan mixed-race beauty to play

The Us drama version of “Fujiang” is about to start shooting, the heroine has been finalized. German-Korean mixed-race actress Adeline Rudolph will join the cast to play the heroine, Fu Jiang, according tomedia Deadline. Born in 1995 in Hong Kong, China, Adrienne Rudolph graduated from The G5 Inn UK and played Agatha in Sabrina’s Adventures.

The American version of “Fujiang” is adapted from Ito Run II’s horror cartoon of the same name, about a beautiful high school girl (Rudolph) missing, the remains of her body scattered throughout a small town, what appears to be a murder suspect, but then turned into a more terrible event… The cartoon is very popular in Japan.

The play is reportedly directed by Alexander Aga (The Cannibal 3D, “The Storm”), written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (The Sea King of The Spirit 2), sony film television and universal content production.