Global health crisis or battered consumer enthusiasm for galaxy Note 20

While Samsung is preparing to launch Unpacked’s new products on August 5, consumers around the world are feeling more enthusiastic about the Galaxy Note 20 series of smart machines, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new crown virus. Samsung officials are not expecting too much of a new machine for this special period, according to a new report today. If society and the economy fail to recover from the epidemic in time, the company may usher in a second consecutive year of “flagship depression”.

Global health crisis or battered consumer enthusiasm for galaxy Note 20

Launched in February and launched in early March, the Galaxy S20 series flagship smartphone has, by chance, caught up with the global surge in COVID-19 infections.

However, half a year later, the global health crisis has not been fully lifted, leading to a lack of optimism about sales of the Galaxy Note 20 series flagship in the second half of the year.

Some public health experts worry that COVID-19 may see a second wave of epidemic spikes as the world deregulates social alienation and other measures, and that the trend will not go away any time soon.

Even so, the company plans to announce a new collection at the Unpacked launch on August 5th, with channel sales expected to start later in the month, such as August 21.

Apple, Samsung’s biggest competitor, will also release a new 5G-enabled iPhone 12 in September. As for the final sales, it is still a time to test.