Chromium Edge becomes the new default PDF reader in Windows 10

We recently reported that installing Microsoft Edge Stable on Windows 10 will hide the classic Version of the Edge and will not uninstall. Another thing that netizens have noticed recently is that it has also taken over older Edge or other PDF readers and becomethe default app open, setting itself as the “default PDF reader” in Windows 10 1903.

On the other hand, updates to Windows 10 with Chromium Edge make it even more prominent, while its predecessor, Microsoft Edge, is hard to spot.

Chromium Edge成为Windows 10中新的默认PDF阅读器

If you’ve already installed Edge Stable (although not officially available), it’s set up as the default application for working with PDF files on Windows 10, and if you want to change back, or if you switch to another app to open it, you’ll need to follow these steps.

1. Click To start, open the Settings app-> application-> application

2. Click “Select default application by file type”

3. Scroll down until you find “.pdf” and click Microsoft Edge

4. Select one of the desktop “apps” (such as Sumatra PDF, Adobe Acrobat, or Foxit Reader, or other apps) that appear in the pop-up dialog box and click Done.

Thus, in a future version of Windows 10, the odds will be provided by Edge Chromium as the default browser, and it will also be the default PDF reader. How do you see these changes?

Chromium Edge成为Windows 10中新的默认PDF阅读器

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