Waves of unison: Disney’s user accounts hijacked by hackers

According tomedia reports, so far, the launch of Disney Plus can be said to be mixed: on the one hand, Disney’s new service attracted 10 million users to sign up, on the other hand, the launch of the service has been accompanied by some disappointment. Because users are experiencing a series of technical problems when they actually access Disney’s vast content catalog. While some user experiences are slower to stream, others simply can’t connect to the service.

Waves of unison: Disney's user accounts hijacked by hackers

Disney rightly blames the problems on the expansion of consumer demand. “Consumer demand for Disney Plus exceeded our highest expectations. While we are pleased with this incredible response, we are also aware of current user issues and are working to resolve them quickly. We are very grateful for your patience. “

To its credit, Disney quickly resolved the connection issue. But now the company has to face another, more worrying problem: the hijacking of user accounts.

Hackers have begun hijacking thousands of user accounts and changing login information before selling new credentials on online forums, according to a new report by ZDNet. In other words, some Disney Plus users have been completely blocked out of their accounts.

Users complained on social media:

Waves of unison: Disney's user accounts hijacked by hackers

Waves of unison: Disney's user accounts hijacked by hackers

Waves of unison: Disney's user accounts hijacked by hackers

As for how hackers accessed these accounts, it appears to be because some affected users used accounts that had previously been leaked through other hackers. However, some users claimed to have used the original password but were attacked.

This suggests that in some cases, hackers obtain accounts through a combination of emails and passwords that are leaked on other websites, while in others the Disney-Plus certificate may have been obtained from users infected with keyloggers or malware that steals information.

Vouchers for hijacked accounts reportedly sell for between $3 and $11. Interestingly, some of the posters have some names and passwords for the Disney Plus account, which means that the first person who tries to log in to get an account for free.

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