MediaTek’s first-half revenue was RMB30,536 million, up 12.4% YoY

On July 10, MediaTek today reported revenue for June and the first half of the year. MediaTek’s revenue in June was T$25,279 million (about RMB6.08 billion), up 20.99 percent year-on-year, while revenue in the first half of this year was NT$128.466 billion (about RMB30.536 billion), up 12.40 percent year-on-year.

MediaTek's first-half revenue was RMB30,536 million, up 12.4% YoY

MediaTek said revenue data was internally settled and not verified by accountants.

Under the outbreak, MediaTek said it was unchanged from 5G market expectations and that product progress would not be affected. In an interview with MediaTek’s wireless communications division on May 7, Li Yanzhu, deputy general manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications division, said that despite the impact of the outbreak, there had been little change in global and China’s 5G market expectations. “With regard to capacity, we are still planning for 5G products this year as originally planned.”

July 8 ( Upia) — MediaTek has decided to postpone the release of a millimeter-wave-enabled 5G smartphone processor until next year, according tomedia reports. It follows reports that MediaTek will introduce new chips with higher bandwidth and faster speeds in the second half of 2020.