Apple warns customers not to use camera cover on MacBook or damage display

Apple released a supporting document this month warning customers not to use the camera cover on the MacBook because it could cause damage to the display,media reported. Apple says the gap between the display and keyboard is designed to be very tight, which can be a problem. Using the camera cover can also cause problems with automatic brightness and True Tone (original color display).

Apple warns customers not to use camera cover on MacBook or damage display

If you close your Mac notebook with a camera cover installed, you may damage the display because the gap between the display and the keyboard is very tightly designed. Covering the built-in camera can also interfere with ambient light sensors, making features such as auto brightness and True Tone inoperas. As an alternative to the camera cover, use the camera indicator to determine if the camera is active and decide which applications can use the camera in system preferences.

Apple’s warning is likely to stem from complaints from MacBook Pro users who see cracks in their displays after covering up their cameras, as reported by users of several websites and forums, including MacRumors and Reddit. The problem appears to be particularly acute on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro models, which have thinner borders.

Apple warns customers not to use camera cover on MacBook or damage display

Dashwin, for example, installed a camera cover on his 16-inch MacBook Pro in April, resulting in a crack under the camera’s display.

The latest 16-inch MBP has a thin bezel and display that can cost the slightest amount of force when fitted with a camera cover. The internal display is no longer working and I have to connect it to the external display. I installed an identical camera cover on the MBP in 2011 and haven’t had any problems for years.

Customers who do not have AppleCare may be required to pay for repairs at their own expense if the MacBook product screen is damaged by the camera cover.

Apple says customers concerned about illegal access to the camera should be aware of the green light that comes on when the camera is activated. The camera is designed to be inaccessible without the light turning on.

MacBook users can also control which applications have access to the built-in camera, because users must authorize the use of the camera on any operating system after macOS Mojave. For those who do need to cover the camera, Apple recommends covering items that are thinner than regular paper (0.1mm) and do not leave glue residue behind.