Apple iOS’s latest interface design changes cause iPhone users to accidentally delete emails

Although nearly 50% of iPhone users have been upgraded and updated several times, the iOS 13 update is not very satisfactory. Both macOS and iOS have had a number of problems during this upgrade, including third-party apps that were found to have full access to third-party keyboards and even revealing credit card information to strangers, leading DOD to warn users not to install iOS 13. But the bigger problem came today, when Apple moved the trash button in the email to the Reply button because of a design change on the iOS system, which caused users to accidentally delete their emails when they replied.

Unfortunately, the problem of accidentally deleting messages is not limited to a few users, a large number of users on Twitter together slotting out of this time without additional reminders of the interface updates caused them to lose important data.

Although for most people, it’s not a problem to look closely at the interface, the power of habit is really annoying. By placing the Trash button here, users will prefer to click Delete instead of the reply button on the side, which Apple apparently didn’t take into account when changing the UI.

Apple has not responded to the problem of the interface changes leading to the accidental deletion of the email, and if you don’t want the message to be deleted because of “hand slip,” you can enable the “Ask before deleting” feature in your settings to ensure that you don’t accidentally delete the email.


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