Microsoft: Windows 10 users can now suspend “accidental updates”

Since its release in 2015, users have been complaining about windows 10 updates and lack of control over the update process, according tomedia reports. After user protests, lawsuits and government investigations, Microsoft has focused more on the update process, which has greatly reduced its destructive effects. In a tweet today, Microsoft said Windows 10 would give users the option of suspending unexpected updates.

The operating system now gives users control over when and how to get the latest updates, with the benefit of allowing them to run secure devices in their workflow without interference.

“If you are not ready to accept the recommended updates, you can choose to temporarily suspend their downloads and installations,” Windows maker wrote in the support ingress. This feature applies to Windows 10 May 2019 updates (version number 1903) or the operating system of updated Home users. For Pro and Enterprise, this feature is supported in the October 2018 update (version number 1809) or later.

So how do I pause Windows 10?

It’s easy to pause Windows 10 updates. All the user has to do is tap Start, open the Settings app, and then do the following:

Click on Updates and Security(

Next, click Windows Update;

Here, the user can choose to suspend the update for 7 days and other options;

Click on the Advanced options;

In the Pause updates section, select the drop-down menu and specify the date on which the update is restored.