The most expensive game of all time: 1985’s “Super Mario” sold for $114,000

Super Mario Bros., according tomedia reports. 35 years after its release, it continues to break records. A 1985 U.S. version of Super Mario sold for $114,000 at Heritage Auctions, breaking the game’s previous record.

According to game collector and journalist Chris Kohler, the auction makes Super Mario Bros. the most expensive game ever sold.

What makes this particular version so mouth-watering? It is understood that the game’s rating is 9.4 (out of 10), which means it is almost perfect. It is also a special version of the Us Retail Edition, which has gone through many iterations over time.

Why would anyone buy a game at such a high price? Since the seller is anonymous, there is no way to know. But usually, people with the financial resources and energy to get the rarest Nintendo or video game collection will want to put something like this on a shelf or seal it in a glass or locked in a safe.