TSMC’s June revenue surges month-on-month or foreshadows mass shipments of Apple’s A14 processors

Chip-generation industry and commerce TSMC has reported revenue for June, a record month-on-month, or a sign that the A14 processor used in Apple’s new iPhone this fall has been mass-shipping. TSMC reported its June revenue on Friday, and its monthly revenue, usually on the 10th of the following month. TSMC’s June revenue was T$120.878 billion, or $4.1 billion in contracts, according to the official website. This is the first time in the 22 years since 1999 that TSMC’s monthly revenue has exceeded T$120 billion.

TSMC's June revenue surges month-on-month or foreshadows mass shipments of Apple's A14 processors

Revenue sits at a record high, possibly related to Apple’s new iPhone will be equipped with an A14 processor this fall. Starting with the A10 processor spent in the 2016 iPhone 7 series, TSMC is the exclusive apple A-Series processor, and this fall the new iPhone will be equipped with the A14 processor, which is also the exclusive processor of TSMC, using the most advanced 5nm process available.

About the production time of Apple’s A14 processor,media have different reports, somemedia are reported TSMC in April began mass production of A14 processors, there aremedia reports that the end of June began mass production.

But from previous years, the new iPhone production time, release time, time to market, Apple’s A14 processor has reached the point of mass production, after packaging testing, and then put to the iPhone industry and commerce assembly, if the key processor is no large-scale mass production, will affect the new iPhone production.

Compared with May, TSMC’s revenue increased by T$27,059 million in June, up 28.8 percent from a year earlier. Such a significant increase in the month-on-month, it is likely that large customers of new products large-scale shipments.

In addition, the 5nm process is the most advanced technology in the industry, TSMC this year is only large-scale mass production, is a new process, in other process full production, the new process of large-scale mass production, will also make TSMC revenue large-scale increase.