Google Chrome v78.0.3904.108 Official Release

Google Chrome v78 Official Edition brings a number of features and improvements that are enabled by default on Windows 10 (Version 1511 plus) system. A built-in password checker has also been introduced to alert users if they notice an exception while they’re signed in, to allow users to add wallpapers to new tabs, and to install topics from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome v78.0.3904.108 Official Release

The official version of Google Chrome v77 has been visually tuned, introducing global media controls and new color matching themes, new Favicon loading animations, security improvements to protect users, and a new welcome experience in an attempt to make the entire startup process more effective.

Google Chrome v76 official version hides the http/https and www prefix tags in the browser address bar, blocks Adobe Flash by default on all websites, and users can re-enable Flash, but only in click-to-play mode, along with a warning that Chrome will not support Flash players after December 2020. Adobe will also stop supporting Flash from 2021, so this change is sensible.

Google Chrome Stable Offline Installation Pack Official local download address:

Chrome 78.0.3904.108 x86:



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