Official confirms Zen 5 architecture exists: Zen will become one of AMD’s oldest CPU architectures

At the HPC-AI conference in the UK in September, AMD revealed some information about the future of Zen 3/Zen 4, and now their CTO Mark Papermaster confirms the existence of the Zen 5 architecture on the pipeline video. According to Mark Papermaster, the Zen 4 and Zen 5 cores were designed and developed by two separate teams.

官方证实Zen 5架构存在 Zen将会成为AMD最长寿CPU架构之一

This is the first confirmation of Zen 5 as a core architecture, and this Zen architecture, designed by legendary CPU architect Jim Keller, will be one of AMD’s oldest x86 architectures, compared to AMD’s previous generation of bulldozer architectures that went through only four iterations. The Zen architecture has been around for three generations so far, and will remain the main product of AMD processor roadmaps for at least four years.

The Zen 3 architecture with the 7nm EUV process is expected to be available in the second half of next year, with the Ryzen 4000 and EPYC Milan both expected, and Zen 3 products will not change interfaces, so the AM4 interface’s motherboard can still support next-generation processors through BIOS updates.

官方证实Zen 5架构存在 Zen将会成为AMD最长寿CPU架构之一

The Zen 4 architecture is not expected to be seen until 2022, when it may be produced using TSMC’s upcoming 5nm process, and in 2021 we may see something Zen 3 Plus unless AMD doesn’t do anything that year. In addition, Zen 4 may be about to change interface, after all, by 2022, DDR5 and PCI-E 5.0 will also come.

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