Samsung Galaxy Fold Experience: both a Phone and a Tablet, One of the coolest phones right now

After the straight-panel mobile phone became mainstream, although there are some other forms of mobile phones on the market, but can attract the public’s attention to the product is not many, until the emergence of folding screen. In fact, the folding screen mobile phone and the conventional straight-panel phone’s core appeal is not different, are hoping to achieve a large screen way to achieve better touch interaction and viewing experience.

But because the phone itself needs to take into account portability and grip, it is impossible to simply increase the size of the body to enhance the screen size, explore a new product path, become the manufacturers have to do things, and folding screen is one of the directions.

At present, there are two main folding screen schemes on the market, one is left and right folding, the other is up and down folding. Today we’re going to talk about one of the representative products in the left-and-right flip design, the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding phone.

What does the folding screen bring?

While samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are both screen flips in large categories, there is a clear difference between the two products in the way they unfold, the former being inward and the latter being flipped.

The product logic reflected in different ways of unfolding is very different. Samsung’s approach follows the design of conventional phones, or rather that they don’t want to create a new species entirely, but rather expand on existing foundations.

So what we can see is that in addition to the inner folding screen, we add a 4.6-inch Supre AMOLED side screen with two screens on a physical level. Although it looks thicker in folding, it’s more like a regular phone.

At the same time, samsung Galaxy Fold also separately equipped its secondary screen with a 10-megapixel, F2.2 aperture front-facing camera, so you can still get a complete application experience, even in a folded state.

Of course, for such a product, even if the side screen is indispensable, but only a supporting role, the main point of view is its collapsible interior screen. Regardless of the rounded cut of the edges, the Samsung Galaxy Fold inner screen has a diagonal length of 7.3 inches, a resolution of 2152X1536 (QXGA plus) and a 4.2:3 aspect ratio.

Unfolded and held in hand, much like holding a smaller and smaller tablet (7.9 inches) lighter than the iPad mini , the benefits of a large screen are clear and much easier to control in addition to providing more content display.

In addition specific to our usual use of more split-screen functions, while supporting three applications split screen is not a strange thing, many conventional mobile phones can be achieved, but due to screen size limits, after the screen after the application content display actually to play a lot of discounts, this is much better on the big screen.

One might ask: Why don’t I just buy a tablet? In fact, the problem is easier to explain, although the tablet can provide a larger screen size than it, but there is no way to very easily put it in the trouser pocket to take away, through the way the screen folded, it is a good balance between large screen and portability.

Better protection

The birth of every new species will take time to perfect, even if the Galaxy Fold comes from the tech-savvy Samsung.

After multiple folds, you can still sense the presence of creases in the middle of the screen, which is also a technical difficulty for folding screen solutions. But the good thing is not obvious, it has little effect on the display of screen content, and you’re not too worried about it. Nearly half a month of experience, I am more often entangled in the use of the scene.

The improvement in viewing and handling experiences brought about by the big screen is real, but like many other big-screen devices, one-handed manipulation becomes a very difficult thing, probably only in the lower left corner of the screen or part of the area in the lower right corner. In other words, in a moving scene (e.g. on a subway), the higher frequency of use is actually a side screen.

Therefore, whether it is Samsung or other manufacturers also doing folding phone products, the future want to fully integrate the large screen and mobile phone, in addition to the hardware part, in the system application may need to spend a lot of effort, so that the big screen can really be used by users in more sets of scenes.

When it comes to hardware, Samsung has previously delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold because of the week. After several months of adjustment, its own protection has been greatly improved, and now its screen protector is directly pressed under the midframe, so as to avoid the problem of being mistakenly torn, in addition, the hinges have also been reinforced at both ends.

Oh yes, the previous aramid fiber ultra-thin shell is still preserved, when used to stick it on the phone to ensure stability. In addition, this time it also comes with Samsung’s own real wireless headset Galaxy Buds, is a small benefit.

S10 Series with rear camera, good photo-taking ability

For selfies, Samsung Galaxy Fold has two sets of front-facing cameras, in addition to the one above the secondary screen, and two in the upper right corner of the screen after the unwind, 10 megapixels (F2.2 aperture) and 8 million pixels (F1.9 aperture), support for features such as beauty selfies and face unlock.

The rear camera section, which is the same as the Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, also features a three-camera design with a main camera of 12 megapixels, F1.5, F2.4 variable aperture, and the other two 16 megapixels, F2.2 aperture ultra-wide angle and 12 megapixels, F2.4 aperture, and 2x focal length focus supporting optical stabilization.

The following is a sample of the real shot, without any post-treatment:

         2x zoom

         Ultra wide angle

Ultra wide angle

         Ultra wide angle

         Real-time virtualization

         Night Mode

         Night Mode

         Night Mode

Dragon 855,4380mAh Battery

Although somewhat “tacky”, it’s simple to put the hardware configuration information on samsung Galaxy Fold. It is equipped with a Dragon 855 platform with 12GB of running memory and 512GB of body storage. About the Dragon 855 chip, we are also very familiar with, here will not be repeated, can smoothly run the king’s glory and other popular online games.

As for the battery life section, which is of more concern, it has a battery capacity of 4380 mAh, which supports wireless charging and reverse charging. In terms of actual duration, because of its special screen, usage habits and preferences have a greater impact on the duration of the flight, but usually, to cope with the normal use of the day is still possible.

On the other hand, it has speakers on the top and bottom of its body, is taught by AKG to support Dolby Panorama, and the actual external effect is great, combined with randomly complimented Galaxy Buds wireless headphones to provide good audio and video entertainment needs.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Fold does not support the current popular screen fingerprints, but on the right side of the frame of the body with a physical fingerprint button, unlock speed and recognition accuracy is nothing to say, still better than most screen fingerprint schemes.

15999 yuan, one of the coolest phones available

Samsung Galaxy Fold has two colors, in addition to the night fog silver version in our hands, there is also a quantum black version optional. In terms of actual perception, the former uses a gradient color processing, different angles of light will appear a different color effect, look more dazzling, while the latter is pure black.

Return to the product itself, as a few of the folding-screen phones that have been officially put on the market at present, it has excellent hardware configuration at the same time, the more important place is to take into account the large screen and portability, not only look cool, but also bring more experience possibilities.

In terms of final price, Samsung Galaxy Fold is $15,999, and a new round of appointments has been opened on third-party e-commerce platforms such as the official mall and, where interested friends can learn about it.

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