Australian Border Force says Windows 10 update error causes its system to crash

In a statement posted on its website, The Australian Border Force ( ABF) said the wrong Windows 10 update damaged one of its systems and prevented clients for its customs clearance from logging in. After you install a security update for Windows 10 on October 8, you can no longer connect to the Integrated Freight System (ICS) if you use Internet Explorer.

澳大利亚边防部门称Windows 10更新错误致其系统崩溃

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a big problem, who’s using Internet Explorer today? But the bad thing is that the Australian  Border Force system only supports Internet Explorer, and everyone has to insist on using the old app.

ABF said it had contacted Microsoft to address interoperability issues between Windows 10 and ICS and to develop appropriate solutions for subsequent work, which now appears to be primarily a change in protocol behavior that establishes the security of a connection to the ICS that could lead to authentication failure.

ABF noted that while some users decided to deal with the issue themselves and completely uninstall the October 8 update to restore normal system behavior, it was recommended that this should only be done under “appropriate risk assessment and notification.” A more secure approach is to consider additional security controls to limit any risks associated with removing patches, such as using a separate computer.

ABF does not mention the updated knowledge base number that caused the login problem on its system, but Microsoft’s October 8 cumulative update for Windows 10 does include improvements to Internet Explorer security.

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