OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash Charger and 65W AirVOOC Technology

OPPO VOOC flash-filling technology for the 5G era to be fully upgraded. At the just-held “More than Fast – OPPO Next Generation Super Flash Launch”, OPPO officially released 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC technology, both to refresh the wired wireless charging power record. At the same time, OPPO also released the first ultra-small portable 50W ultra-flash cookie charger, 110W ultra-flash mini charger, from ultra-high-power wired, wireless charging to more portable compatible chargers, OPPO flash charging to achieve a more significant and diversified development.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

125W super flash charge in the mobile phone temperature of 40 degrees C under the premise, to achieve 20 minutes full of equivalent 4000mAh battery energy of the mobile phone, the use of parallel three charge pump, multi-polar ear double 6C cell, with ten new temperature sensors of the harsh temperature control, to ensure high-speed charging safety is not hot hands. 65W AirVOOC through ultra-high power to make wireless flash charging also began to become the mainstream charging method, the use of the first-in-an isolated charge pump technology, fully guarantee high-power wireless charging security; In the future, more users will have the opportunity to experience the efficiency and convenience of VOOC flash.

“In the 5G era, whether it’s hardware specifications or the abundance of applicationscenarios, the power consumption of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, but the battery capacity can’t increase indefinitely. Therefore, the super flash ingest efficiency of the 5G era must continue to improve,” said Zhang Liang, chief scientist of OPPO VOOC Flash. We continue to explore new possibilities in charging, introducing more innovative technologies like pulse charging that can lead the industry, and we will be more actively involved in and even lead industry standard-setting, and continue to popularize the system of direct charging technology. ”

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

125W Super Flash: Super Fast Not Hot

High-power charging can not be at the expense of the temperature control experience as a prerequisite, 125W super flash charge not only 5 minutes can be the equivalent 4000mAh battery energy of the phone charge to 41%, 20 minutes fully charged, but also will be on-screen standby charging temperature strictly controlled at 40 degrees C below, so that flash charge always maintain high efficiency, safe not hot. At the same time, the adapter is updated to type-C interface output, fully compatible with SuperVOOC and VOOC protocols, support 125W PPS, 65W PD, 36W QC and other industries universal fast charging protocol, is currently the industry’s most advanced fast charging technology.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

On the battery side, the 125W super flash charge upgrades the 3C cell to 6C cell, and the polar ear middle (MMT) to multi-polar ear (MTW) technology, which doubles the motion path of the charge, further reduces the cell impedance, allowing the input of a large current of up to 12.5A.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

At the input, 125W super flash charge adopts a parallel three-charge pump scheme with a conversion efficiency of 98%, the adapter output of 20V 6.25A through the three charge pump pressure conversion into 10V 12.5A into the battery, each charge pump only need to convert 20V 2.1A about 42W of power, effectively avoid the charge pump overload caused by high current, overheating.

125W super flash out on-screen standby charging temperature strictly controlled below 40 degrees C, inheriting the Technical framework of the VOOC, adapter and mobile phone side two-way communication mechanism can adjust the voltage current in real time to control heat. On the basis of the original 4 temperature sensors, 125W Super Flash has added 10 temperature sensors, distributed in the battery polar ear, battery motherboard BTB and USB interface, any temperature anomaly can be the first time feedback to the phone and adapter. On the basis of vOOC technology platform five-weight security protection, the data line also imports E-marker encryption, coupled with OPPO’s unique 128-bit encryption algorithm, all-round guarantee of charging security.

65WAirVOOC: Wireless Power Is Full Y

Compared to wired charging, wireless flash charge can be achieved with the flash charge, 65W AirVOOC 30 minutes can be filled with an equivalent 4000 mAh battery energy mobile phone, through the fastest commercial cable 65W flash charging speed, will bring more fragmented, non-sensitive charging experience, wireless charging is no longer a supplement, began to become a mainstream charging method.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

The 65W AirVOOC uses a dual-transmit, dual-received dual-wireless charging engine architecture that significantly increases wireless charging power from transmit to receive by up to 88% of the time, and OPPO is simultaneously verifying the 65W single coil solution. High-power wireless charging, safety issues are particularly important, 65W AirVOOC using OPPO’s first isolated charge pump technology, effectiveisolation of high voltage, while the 65W AirVOOC concept base introduced an active semiconductor cooling solution to achieve a body temperature of no more than 40 degrees C.

50W, 110W ultra-flash mini charger: portable and more compatible

OPPO’s first 50W Ultra Flash Cookie Charger and 110W Ultra-Flash Mini Charger provide a more portable experience, especially with the ultimately lightweight body, on the basis of ensuring efficient charging. 50W ultra-flash cookie charger pioneer runway-type ultra-thin shape, large area application of multi-arc curve design, the whole like cobblestone-like round, thickness of only 10.5mm, with folding pin design, easy to adapt to the daily storage, easy to place in shirts, jeans pockets, ultra-small and unburdened. The 50W Ultra Flash Cookie Charger is compatible with SuperVOOC and VOOC Flash, supporting 27W PD, 18WQC, and 50W PPS and other industries, such as universal fast charge protocols for fast charging for mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices. With its innovative look, sophisticated hardware stacking and advanced underlying technology architecture, THE OPPO 50W Ultra Flash Cookie Charger breaks the long-standing charger design paradigm and opens up new directions for mobile phone fast charging technology.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

High power adaptation to its miniaturization must break through the traditional scheme, the traditional charger needs to rely on the built-in electrolytic capacitor storage capacity to achieve a stable power output, but with the increase of power, electrolytic capacitance volume needs to increase accordingly, coupled with the generally thicker traditional transformer, resulting in the traditional scheme under the high power charger volume remains high.

In response to the electrolytic capacitor volume problem, the OPPO flash charge team designed a new generation of revolutionary technology architecture: electrolytic-free capacitor design, and the industry for the first time introduced a smaller aviation-grade device – clamp diodes, absorbing up to 250KW of surge impact, so that the charger safely supports the entire grid voltage. After the electrolysis capacitor is removed, the current that the charger enters into the phone is a 100 Hz pulsed direct current, for which the 50W ultra-flash cookie charger uses a new charging technology, pulse charging. Compared to conventional charging methods, pulse charging is eliminated due to the presence of a very short charging gap, the polarization of the battery is eliminated, the battery is less loss and the temperature changes are smaller.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

For traditional transformer volume issues, 50W ultra-flash cookie chargers have been upgraded from conventional transformers to high-frequency flat-panel transformers, reducing the vertical space by 50%. The introduction of the high frequency of nitride argon switch, so that the transformer single energy storage requirements become smaller, and thus reduce the volume of the transformer, OPPO self-developed ACF (ActiveClamp Flyback) control architecture to achieve zero voltage (ZVS) zero current (ZCS) switch, switch loss infinitely close to 0.

OPPO Officially Launches 125W Super Flash and 65W AirVOOC Technology

Building on the 50W Ultra Flash Cookie Charger, the 110W Ultra Flash mini charger achieves high-efficiency power conversion and temperature-up control with a ground-breaking two-stage architecture, with innovative laminated laminate stacking and extreme structural shell design that also controls the thickness at 12mm. In addition to fully compatible with SuperVOOC and VOOC, the 110W Ultra-Flash mini charger also supports 110WPPS, 65W PD, and 36W QC, covering the mainstream laptop, tablet and mobile fast charging protocols on the market.

Efficient, safe, compatible, portable, OPPO flash-filling for the 5G era of new keywords, comprehensive upgrade after the flash charge, with a more perfect charging program and more ideal charging experience, but also OPPO for several years deep-till flash charging technology accumulation and precipitation. As of April 2020, OPPO has filed more than 2,700 global patents in the fast-charging field, and more than 157 million users worldwide will be exposed to the charm of flash-through through more than 30 mobile phone products equipped with VOOC flash-charging technology.

The 125W Super Flash, which combines the speed and temperature-controlled experience, is a strong complement to the more practical high-power wireless charging 65W AirVOOC, forming a strong complement to the charging scene, and OPPO Super Flash is more than just mobile phones, and high-power ultra-small charger technology will also make flash-charging applications more diverse and extensive. OPPO flash charging platform for the 5G era to complete the first all-round major upgrade, to achieve a more full-scenario charging solutions, will further consolidate the mobile phone fast charging field technology leadership, but also for the future “everything can flash charge” development to bring more imagination space.

OPPO’s pursuit of charging has always been more than fast, with more technological innovations such as isolated charge pumps, clamp diodes, pulse charging, and basic guarantees, including battery cycle life and safety, OPPO continues to explore more possibilities in the charging field. At the same time, OPPO will actively participate in and even lead the industry standard-setting, and continue to popularize the direct charging technology system.


This data is derived from the OPPO laboratory inspection report, full-load test, the switching loss of the power switching device is close to 0