NASA confirms water vapor jets in Europa

NASA confirmed in a statement Monday that there is a water vapor jet in Europa,media c11. This may be another reason scientists are looking for potential signs of life on the satellite.

NASA confirms water vapor jets in Europa

There has been evidence that there is a large amount of liquid water hidden beneath Europa’s icy surface. Sometimes huge geysers rush into space, but scientists can’t prove if there’s water vapor in these plumes.

A team of researchers, led by NASA planetary scientist Lucas Paganini, used the WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii to observe Europa. The team found only one water vapor jet in 17 nights of observation, but it turned out to be a sufficient one. “They detected that Europa released enough water (5,202 pounds per second or 2,360 kg per second) to fill an Olympic-standard swimming pool,” NASA said. “

We will have to wait longer to get a fuller understanding of europa’s mysteries. NASA plans to send its Europa Clipper probe to distant satellites in the mid-2020s. “We are at a critical juncture in our quest for the best part of the solar system in search of extraterrestrial life,” NASA said. “

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