Pirelli Showcases 5G-enabled Smart Tires

In many people’s eyes, tires are just a simple rubber product that is driven by wheels. But as V2X automotive technology continues to evolve, Pirelli also wants its own products to provide users with a smarter experience. On Monday, the company showed how to get smart tires to take on more of the function with a 5G network. For example, after detecting slippery roads, a warning is quickly issued to the on-board system.

Pirelli Showcases 5G-enabled Cyber Tire Smart Tires

(From: Pirelli, via Cnet)

The V2X is not a new technology, but it is still not widely available in the mass consumer market. There are only a few models on the market that are mainly featured in the V2X, and they lack the support of the V2X infrastructure.

If the car communicates smoothly with other vehicles or infrastructure, it is expected to achieve more powerful features, such as warning other vehicles about slippery roads. Or communicate with traffic lights the number of traffic lights in front of the road to optimize traffic efficiency.

As for Cyber Tire, Pirelli doesn’t stop by providing simple information. At some point in the day, the sensor built into the tire may also tell the driver how many miles he has traveled and how dynamic the load is.

When combined with driver assistance and active safety systems, the vehicle is also able to respond to emergencies in a timely manner, such as immediate intervention in traction and stability control (Controller Traction and ESP) when the wheels are slipping.

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