iOS 14 Ban shiva contact tracking app in Europe: unknown cause

If you need a good reason why you shouldn’t install beta software on the electronic device you’re using, perhaps this iOS 14 public beta issue makes you believe it’s a serious issue,media reported. The latest beta version of Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system appears to have banned the new Crown Virus Tracking app in Europe, and the reason is unclear.

iOS 14 Ban shiva contact tracking app in Europe: unknown cause

Apple is reportedly aware of the issue, so it’s likely that it’s already working on a fix and will release it in the next beta.

Until then, however, users will not be notified to disable these apps — because the entire process is quietly and without any warnings before — but they are also unable to manually enable them them themselves.

All they get on the COVID-19 Exposure Of Tlogging screen is a message that says “Not available in your area.”

iOS 14 to be available in September

Apple and Google have jointly developed a dedicated API that allows developers to create new Crown Virus Contact Tracker Tracking apps to help users prevent exposure to the new Crown virus. Apple explains how the entire program runs on the iPhone, and points out that those infected can choose to share this information privately through the Contact Tracker app and then help others reduce the exposure to the virus.

iOS 14 is still in development and is expected to release a stable version on all iPhone 6S and updated iPhone devices in September.