Facebook’s black share of employees still too low: less than 1% in six years

Beijing time, July 16 morning news, according tomedia reports, since 2014 began to report the number of employees, blacks in the number of Facebook technology posts increased by less than 1 percentage point. In its latest diversity report, Facebook says black employees now account for 1.7 percent of its technology jobs, 1.5 percent in 2019 and 1 percent in 2014. Still, Facebook has made some progress in gender equality and other areas, such as women accounting for 24.1 percent of technical jobs, up from 15 percent in 2014.

Facebook's black share of employees still too low: less than 1% in six years

But Maxine Williams, Facebook’s global chief diversity officer, says Facebook has tried a lot. “I’ve got the support and the resources.” “I just have to deal with the hard work,” she said. “

Facebook’s data also reflects a lack of diversity across the industry. But even when the company came under fire for its social impact, they were trying to persuade black employees to join and stay. Williams was recently promoted to report directly to COO Sheryl Sandeberg and join CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s executive team.

Ms. Williams says she is currently involved not only in hiring and retaining staff, but also in thinking about how Facebook’s products affect civil rights and inclusion.

Earlier this summer, some employees expressed their displeasure with the company’s handling of U.S. President Donald Trump’s posts through a virtual march, fearing that his remarks could silence voters and incite racial violence.

The demonstrations then escalated, leading many civil society groups, including the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League, to call on advertisers to boycott Facebook and Instagram in July. Earlier this month, Facebook released the results of a two-year independent civil rights audit. The evaluators wrote that the company’s lack of action on Mr. Trump’s message was “deeply concerned.”

“It’s definitely something we have to take seriously,” Williams said.

Mr Williams said some black employees had joined Facebook and had a good experience;

Facebook is working to standardize leadership training and worker evaluation programs to minimize the human impact of the employee experience. The company has also launched a program called Microphone, which allows employees to anonymously report uncomfortable experiences or minor assaults. Williams said some of these cases will be used for later training.

She says getting more people of color to management positions can also help. Facebook has set a goal of increasing the percentage of people of color in its leadership positions to 30 percent by 2025. The company had previously set a goal of more than half of minority employees by 2024, up from 45.3 percent today.

But after seven years in the job, Williams says it’s impossible to find the biggest obstacles or solutions she faces. “If I knew the answer, I would just turn the switch,” she said. So Facebook can only keep trying.