Android Firefox bug: Camera slives when running in the background or on screen lock

Mozilla recently fixed a bug on The Android firefox that caused the user to switch apps or lock the phone’s screen while the camera was still active. The problem was discovered a year ago and reported to Bugzilla by user Trishul.

根据他描述的重现步骤,在 Android 版 Firefox 上打开任意视频聊天网站,然后切换应用至后台运行,接着通过其他设备(例如桌面端)连接到同一聊天室,就会发现 Android 那边的视频流仍在传输。甚至将手机锁屏后,也会出现同样的情况。

Android Firefox bug: Camera slives when running in the background or on screen lock

Bandwidth consumption is one on the one hand, and this bug exposes greater privacy issues. Many users choose to stream video on a mobile browser rather than an application, in part because of privacy concerns, as applications request more permissions to get more data from within their phones.

In an interview withmedia ZDNet, Mozilla said that like other specialized video conferencing applications, they provide system notifications that let users know when sites in Firefox are accessing cameras and microphones. But when the screen is locked, the notification is hidden. This is where they think they’re not good enough.

A year after it was raised, the bug has been again under discussion in recent days. Mozilla currently intends to resolve the issue by changing to the default audio transmission when the screen is locked. A message on the Bugzilla page says, “Continuous audio makes sense, I often put my phone or video conference in the background and find content in another application, or listen to audio while iphone is locked, such as while driving.” “

Mozilla said the bug is expected to be fixed in October and will be rolled out at the platform level before being released to users.