LG once led the mobile phone industry, and now its share is losing.

As the “old leader” of the mobile phone industry, LG has never been short of innovation, but LG’s mobile market share has been declining. On October 26th, the Phone Arena tweeted that LG had repeatedly led the way over its competitors, but unfortunately it didn’t cause much of a reversal in the market, and here’s a concrete reflection of LG’s lead in the mobile phone.

1, ultra-wide-angle lens

盘点LG曾领先手机行业的创新 如今份额逐步流失

The Phone Arena points out that LG has been using ultra-wide-angle lenses for years.

Back in 2015, the LG V10 was joined with front-facing dual-camera, one of which is a 120-degree wide-angle lens for a group selfie photo, and the lg G5 rear dual camera the following year introduced an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Today’s ultra-wide-angle lenses are almost standard on the flagship phone (except for the Pixel 4 series), but few have noticed that LG did it four years ago.

2, QHD resolution

盘点LG曾领先手机行业的创新 如今份额逐步流失

The LG G3 introduced a 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440, when most flagship models used 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080).

The Phone Arena also points out that the LG G3 screen is dim and has a small battery capacity (less than 3000mAh), a big weak point for the phone.

3, stainless steel mid-frame

盘点LG曾领先手机行业的创新 如今份额逐步流失

Apple uses stainless steel midframes on the iPhone X and iPhone XS, which are sturdy and feel good. LG has already used stainless steel midframes on the 2015 V10.

However, the LG V10 uses a plastic rear, supports interchangeable battery operation, the texture is much less than the metal frame and glass back cover combination is much less.

4, flexible screen

盘点LG曾领先手机行业的创新 如今份额逐步流失

LG tried the flexible screen earlier than Samsung after the phone brand launched a flexible screen phone called G Flex and G Flex 2, but LG has now given up on updating the G Flex.

The Phone Arena concludes that LG lacks marketing power and has made many innovations in the mobile phone industry, but a significant number of ideas have been abandoned, such as LG G Flex, LG G5 modular phones and so on.

As a former mobile phone giant, LG is now in an intriguing position.

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