U.S. senator asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to cooperate in investigation of hacking

Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to the tech giant on Wednesday calling on Twitter to cooperate with federal law enforcement,media reported. On Capitol Hill, Hawley has long been one of the tech industry’s harshest critics. He said Twitter should cooperate with federal investigators and the Justice Department after hackers stole accounts of celebrities, Democratic politicians and billionaires, including former President Barack Obama, businessman Bill Gates, rapper Kanye West and former vice president Joe Biden, as well as the accounts of technology companies such as Apple and Uber.

U.S. senator asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to cooperate in investigation of hacking


“I’m concerned that this incident is not just a series of planned independent hacking attacks, but also a successful attack on Twitter’s own security.” Holly wrote in a letter to Jack Dorsey, the company’s chief executive.

“As you know, your millions of users not only rely on your service to publish tweets publicly, but also use your direct messaging service to communicate privately with each other,” Holly continued. “

Suspected Bitcoin fraudsters controlled many accounts for more than two hours on the evening of July 15, and at least hundreds of people were tricked.

A typical hacking tweet read: “Everybody’s calling on me to give back, so now.” You give me $1,000 and I’ll give you $2,000. “

Hawley also listed a series of questions about Twitter’s security measures and asked Twitter to disclose who was under attack. President Trump, who has long been unhappy with social media companies, has not been involved, but his campaign spokesman, Tim Murt, compared the scam to Biden’s tax plan in a sarcastic tweet.