MSG toxic, carcinogenic, hair loss, sperm icing? Is it true or false?

Once upon a time, MSG was also a “god’s instrument” that households could see, but now it is burdened with “toxic”, “carcinogenic”, “hair loss” and “killing” crimes, making people afraid. So, has MSG been wronged in the end? Is MSG really toxic?

Expert: Liu Jingjing, Ph.D., School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, Agricultural University of China

Reviewed by Liu Shaowei, Deputy Director and Professor, Center for Food and Drug Regulatory Research, East China University of Technology, Ph.D. in Food Science, Pennsylvania State University, Kansas State University, USA

MSG toxic, carcinogenic, hair loss, sperm icing? Is it true or false?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese chemist Iwata Yumiao accidentally noticed that his drink of kelp cucumber soup tasted wonderful, and brought the soup sample back to the laboratory, using chemical analysis to extract a magical substance from the kelp – sodium glutamate, named “taste.”

In 1920, Chinese chemist Wu Yunchu successfully extracted and made sodium glutamate from grains, known as MSG.

I’ve been eating MSG for years, but in recent years many people have said that MSG is toxic.

However, sodium glutamate is found in natural foods such as grapes, tomatoes and kelp. And in our country, the preparation of MSG is also mostly corn starch, rice and other grains as raw materials, through fermentation, extraction, refining. These natural foods and grains are non-toxic and harmless, so sodium glutamate, which meets international standards, is naturally non-toxic and harmless.

In addition, the predecessor of MSG, glutamate, is the basic component of plant and animal protein. And glutamate is also a good auxiliary drug for patients with liver disease, glutamate is absorbed by the human body, with blood ammonia combined into glutamine, lifting the toxic effect spline, thereby protecting the liver.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that under current usage and usage methods, long-term consumption of MSG does not have any barriers to humans.

In 1999, China independently completed the long-term toxicological test of taste, and concluded that it was safe to eat MSG.

Over the years, THE “black pot” of MSG back can be more than one.

MSG cancer, sperm killing, leading to hair loss?

1, MSG cancer?

The World Health Organization’s Joint Group of Experts on Food Additives has proven TO be safe in a variety of trials, including acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, chronic acute toxicity, malformation and sudden variability tests.

And MSG is consumed, through the action of stomach acid into glutamate, into the blood, become the synthesis of protein “essentials”, and participate in the process of metabolism in the body, but has a higher nutritional value. Therefore, the claim that MSG is carcinogenic cannot be believed.

2, MSG killing?

Experiments with rats showed that after a large number of consumption of MSG, the organs associated with fertility in the uterus, ovaries, animal pills, prostate organs and mirror examination were generally not significantly toxic pathological changes, and weight, feeding, blood elephant, heart, liver, kidney function and other ten biochemical indicators and electrocardiograms were not significantly affected. Therefore, the rumor semen is not self-defeating.

3. MSG causes hair loss?

Claims that MSG causes hair loss are not supported by corresponding theoretical and experimental data.

Hair loss is classified by etiology, and endocrine hair loss and neuropsychiatric hair loss are the most common. The former is caused by the combination of genetic factors and male hormones, the latter cause is not yet fully understood, may be due to the combination of immune factors, genetic factors and mental factors. Also common is hair loss caused by malnutrition or metabolic abnormalities.

Is chicken essence harmful?

The taste of chicken essence is very fresh, the root cause is that it has the role of MSG. Chicken essence contains about 40% MSG, about 30% salt, and starch, sugar, fennel and some flavor enhancers.

Therefore, chicken essence is just a little more salt and other food additives than MSG. Other flavors on the market, such as soy sauce, oil, and butter, have also begun to add sodium glutamate.

Therefore, chicken essence is also non-toxic and will not cause cancer, these adders as long as the appropriate amount of food is harmless.

But like salt, MSG and sodium glutamate in chicken essence contain sodium, while excessive sodium intake can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Therefore, control MSG as much as you do with salt intake. How much is that in the right amount?

How should MSG be eaten?

China’s dietary guidelines recommend that the daily salt per person should be less than 6g, but the actual intake is generally about 10g, if added to the sodium in MSG, it will be more.

The EU Food Safety Authority has adopted a 100-fold safety factor to establish a new safe intake of glutamate and its salts, i.e. 30 mg per kilogram of body weight, equivalent to a maximum daily intake of 1.8 g for adults weighing 60 kg.

In our daily diet, we refer to the following rules when eating MSG:

1, avoid high temperature

Studies have shown that when the temperature is too high, MSG becomes sodium cogline, which is non-toxic, but the taste does not return.

2, avoid excessive consumption

After all, some varieties of MSG contain a lot of sodium salt.

3, avoid reuse

Natural ingredients such as fish, eggs, mushrooms and whites produce their own cooking process with a fresh taste, without the need for MSG.

So, MSG is actually a friend to us. MSG does nuns and doesn’t make you bald.

However, it is important to note that you must not eat too much MSG, some natural foods can also play a role in adding freshness, is not required to add MSG.

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