A founding CEO killed in luxury New York apartment: dismembered by a chainsaw

The New York Police Department confirmed Tuesday that Fahim Saleh, a 33-year-old technology entrepreneur, was found dismembered in a luxury apartment on New York’s Lower East Side of Manhattan,media reported. Mr Saleh is a venture capitalist and chief executive of Gokada, a Nigerian motorcycle ride-sharing company, the sources said. It was last seen on surveillance video on Monday night, when Saleh was entering an elevator in the apartment building.

A founding CEO killed in luxury New York apartment: dismembered by a chainsaw

According to law enforcement officials, the video shows a man in black entering the elevator with Saleh. Police suspect the man was the one who attacked Saleh.

When Saleh’s sister arrived at the apartment, he found Saleh’s torso next to the living room, and the rest of her body was stuffed into bags in the apartment, law enforcement officials said.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the attack, and the New York Police Department is investigating how the attacker escaped from the apartment building.

Saleh founded the website PrankDial.com in high school, and in 2018 said the site has generated more than $10 million since its inception.

Most recently, Saleh founded Adventure Capital, a venture capital firm, to invest in carpooling start-ups in Bangladesh and Colombia.

Saleh said his creation of Gokada was “one of the most unusual things” he had ever done. Gokada raised more than $5 million and employed more than 800 drivers, but earlier this year, the Gokada business ran into a roadblock after Lagos banned commercial motorcycles from entering the city. In February, Saleh said Gokada was turning to express delivery and was also working on a boat-sharing service.