Hammergo’s “Amazing Rescue” tops Netflix’s most popular original movie, watched by nearly 100 million subscribers in its first month

Netflix, as the streaming leader, expanded subscriber numbers and influence during the outbreak. According to the company’s latest figures, “Amazing Rescue,” starring Chris Hemsworth, went live in April, became the most popular original film, with 99 million subscribers in four weeks. Netflix now has more than 183 million subscribers worldwide, or more than half of them have watched the action movie.

Originaltitled: Hammers New Film Tops Netflix’s Most Popular Original Movie Launch Editing Nearly 180 Million Subscribers Worldwide

Bloomberg reported that in Netflix’s statistical calibre, users only need to watch the film for two minutes, even if they watch the film, but users watch editforthed for two minutes or jump to other content, Netflix did not disclose this part of the data.

01 “Amazing Rescue” (99 million)

02 “Blindfold your eyes” (89 million)

03 Spencer’s Secret Mission (85 million)

04 Ghostbusters: Violent “83 Million)

05 Murder Suspects (73 million)

06 The Irishman (64 million)

07 Tripartite Borders (63 million)

08 “Miss Ulong” (59 million)

09 Hunger Station (56 million)

10 “Perfect Dating” (48 million)