SpaceX ‘Starlink Router’ approved by U.S. Federal Communications Commission

July 16 (UPI) — The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX’s Starlink router, according tomedia reports. SpaceX’s filings with the FCC reveal plans for a WiFi router used by SpaceX’s satellite broadband service, Starlink,media reported. It is reported that the router will connect an external satellite antenna or terminal to any computer or telephone inside the house.

SpaceX 'Starlink Router' approved by U.S. Federal Communications Commission

In addition, the files also reveal the size and shape of the router. It is reported that this router will be a triangle. From the identification on the base, the height of this triangular router is 72.5mm and the base width will be 38.5mm.

SpaceX 'Starlink Router' approved by U.S. Federal Communications Commission

The router will be able to support WiFi 802.11b, 802.11a/g, 802.11n and 802.11ac, providing data transfer rates of 866.7 Mbps to end users.

Public documents from the Federal Communications Commission show that the router was made in Taiwan, China, by Wistron NeWeb Corp. These routers will be available when Starlink is first launched in the northern United States and Canada in 2020.

As early as January 2015, SpaceX CEO Musk announced a satellite Internet service program called Starlink.

SpaceX plans to launch about 12,000 communications satellites into orbit to provide broadband Internet services to users on Earth. In addition to the nearly 12,000 satellites that have been approved, the company has also applied to launch 30,000 satellites.

It is reported that the company was scheduled to launch the 10th batch of “Starlink” Internet satellites on June 26, but due to technical problems and weather reasons, the launch was delayed.